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With over 35 years of experience in the Communications Media field, a member of the American Society of Training and Development, and a Foreign Expert to the People's Republic of China, Aaron can electrify your audience. Having traveled and lectured in many countries around the globe, lived or taught in the east, north, west and southern USA, he brings world images and "real" experiences right to your door step.

This Cultural Diversity Advocate provides dynamic motivational presentations for corporate, community, and college groups which include:

  • "Stalking Terrorism In Education & Life!" - Lecture
  • "Hard Messages, Soft Lies: A Look at Outdoor Media Campaigns" - Multi-Media Show
  • "Diversity Skills, Not Diversity Kills" - Cultural Awareness Workshop
  • "East-West Symbolism: Battles for Cultural Bridges" - Lecture
  • Books, Audiotapes, CDVs are available demonstrating this unique Trainer. Appearances on Television and Radio programs across the US, as well as, internationally are the bench marks of this rising star.

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